Shot by: Kuru Selvarajah

Model: Nivake Sukumar

Creative Direction: Mirusha Yogarajah


This is an ode to the brown boys and men who are able to celebrate their existence outside of the parameters of “making it", and outside of the notions of self-sabotage because that's what many men in the diaspora do. Tamil men drink away their problems, they do what they are told, and they are ultimately in a position of loneliness. Tamil boys are part of this complicated refugee narrative where many drown in waters and others in alcohol. Many Tamil men aim to forget the pain that their blood and their forms of home carry, but also alter to become monsters. They are the swatches of the pressure, desires, and aims that the community holds. I urge Tamil men to find happiness, even if it means a lonely boy party, where there may be forms of isolation and encroachment from the realms of the community, but they are safe and loved.  I don’t have citations to warrant my claims because people don’t care about us enough to do research on us. But, I have the experiences and the stories and the bodies of many victims to tell you about the realities of loneliness. I personally know so many uncles and young men who have put their livelihood at stake because of the allures of alcohol, respectability, and wanting to "make it." We have so much work to do, but know you are loved.