Master of Public Policy | September 2017—June 2019

University of Toronto, Munk School of Public Policy and Global Affairs

  • Entrance scholarship.

  • Representative at Harvard Black Policy Conference.

  • Contributor to Public Policy and Governance Review.

Bachelor of Arts, Government, Liberal Arts Honours and Ethnic Studies; Minor in Women’s Studies | August 2011—May 2016

University of Texas at Austin

  • Decherd Endowment Scholarship, College of Liberal Arts Merit Scholarship, Mahatma Gandhi Service Scholarship.

  • Conducted ethnographic research on the social mobility of Creole and Garifuna people.

  • Studied global race theory in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil at Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro and Bluefield, Nicaragua at Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University.

Work Experience

Project Journalist, Bridgeable | May 2019—August 2019

  • Designed and created content for the weekly newsletter covering the Designership project of alleviating and preventing youth homelessness in Hamilton, Ontario. 

  • Created, managed, and scheduled social media content for Twitter and Linkedin. 

  • Conducted research to write and edit an article per week on design and social impact work. 

  • Interviewed youth experiencing homelessness and service providers to synthesize qualitative data on youth homelessness prevention and alleviation. 

  • Aided in service delivery design by prototyping solutions, designing content, and researching. 

Junior Policy Analyst | Ontario Digital Service, Ministry of Government and Consumer Services, Ontario Public Service | December 2018—April 2019

  • Led the streamlining of Digital Service Standards training in conjunction with the Digital Service Standards legislation.

  • Trained in Agile Methodology, UX Research, and Accessibility and Inclusion.

  • Created source materials for the internal OPS website in order to facilitate the Digital Service Standards adoption by ministries.

  • Created partnerships for offering training with federal and city partners, so that OPS policymakers could access a more dynamic curriculum.

Junior Policy Analyst | Policy Innovation Hub, Cabinet Office, Ontario Public Service | May 2018—December 2018

  • Worked alongside service designers, strategists, communicators and project coordinators to:

    • Developed the Policy Toolkit, an online repository of tools such as co-creation, journey mapping, etc. and resources for the policy community. It is intended for a more innovative and user-centred approach to policymaking.

      • Conducted research on leading approaches to policy-making, consulted transformation stakeholders to gather input, analyzed information and drafted intranet pages using WordPress. Designed and facilitated workshops with team members and key stakeholders helping shape the development of the toolkit.

    • Worked with various ministries, such as the Ministry of Children, Community, and Social Services to develop policy innovation case studies for the Hub’s internal web presence.  Supported the design and service delivery of in-person working sessions to draft case studies on innovation techniques in OPS.This entailed creating templates for half days sessions with managers, directors, and client project teams.

    • Drafted a business case for the Deputy Minister to approve funding for staff access to a research database.

Freelance Writer | January 2015—Present

Research Assistant | Institute for Urban Policy Research and Analysis at the University of Texas at Austin | January 2015—May 2016

  • Conducted in-person surveying of minority residents in East Austin about the gentrification occurring in the area, and their accessibility to healthcare facilities, jobs, etc.

  • Analyzed quantitative data and created a University of Texas report in order to review whether the changes are positive or negative for minorities, and potential courses of action.

Community Development Fellow | Asian American Resource Center | December 2012—May 2013

  • Prepared a summary of Asian American health that is being used by the City of Austin in order to develop health services conducive to the needs of the Asian American population.

  • Aided in educational efforts for the AARC including hiring teachers, scheduling lecturers, creating multimedia, and representing the Asian American community in front of the Human Rights Commission.

  • Completed grant proposals in order to implement language-learning programs at the AARC, accruing over $10,000 in funding.

Refugee and Development Policy Fellow | Church World Service | June 2012—August 2012

  • Created communications in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security and United Nations Human Rights Commission to represent the rights of refugees.

  • Took refugees to lobby to New Jersey representatives and present their testimonies to the media.

  • Produced public communications statements on Supreme Court immigration decisions.


LOVALOT | Co-founder | September 2018—Present

  • Designed the logo and promotional materials, created templates for workshops, reserved venues, scheduled speakers for workshops, and created social media content for roundtable events in Toronto for the Tamil community.

SPICWTR Mag | Editor and Chief | June 2017—Present

  • Edited and curated articles for publication on SPICYWTR Magazine, a magazine that prioritizes brown thought and art. Produced a multi-media platform, served as leader and overseer of the editing team, worked to make the website, produced content for the magazine, acted as the first point of correspondence for the brand.

Sri Lanka Series | Organizer | June 2017—June 2018

  • Organized speakers, scheduled venues, accrued funding through donors, and conducted research on various topics for a policy focused discussion series featuring activists and scholars based in Sri Lanka and Toronto.

Harvard Kennedy School Black Policy Conference | University of Toronto Representative | April 2018

  • One of ten people chosen to serve as an ambassador of University of Toronto at the Harvard Kennedy School Black Policy Conference. Engaged in discourse surrounding race, gender, and policy with policy area experts.

Unfair and Lovely | Co-founder | December 2015

  • Created the campaign #UnfairandLovely and used social media, specifically Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, to bring attention to the issue of colourism. Has been viewed and used by millions of people across the world.

  • Did numerous interviews with various publications in order to raise awareness to the public about colourism and shadeism within people of colour communities, including BBC News, Mashable, Paper Magazine, CNN, NPR, etc.

  • Gave presentations at conferences such as the Feminist Action Project Conference and the Students' Association for Gender Engagement on colourism and how it unfolds within the beauty industry and the daily lives of dark skinned people of colour.

  • Promoted by Lupita Nyong’o, Hari Kondabolu, Kelly Rowland, and other acclaimed individuals via their social media.

The White Rose Society | President, Previously Volunteer Coordinator | May 2013- May 2016

  • Planned events for the human rights community, including lobbying, call-ins, lectures, panels and meetings. Organized and promoted activism programming on campus. Won Best Political Organization of 2014 at the University of Texas Swing Out Awards.

  • Coordinated hundreds of volunteers at the University of Texas at Austin for the event 10,000 Roses. Accrued over $7,000 in funding for our annual Human Rights Symposium and 10,000 Roses through grant applications, extending educational departments to religious institutions. Coordinated volunteers and financial award applications.

  • Regularly hosted and coordinated human rights panel discussions on Syria, Sri Lanka, Burma, etc.