is replaying events and fast forwarding to moments that we'll have together

is grazing each others hands and intertwining legs whenever we can

is finding comfort in eyes, and arms, and a smile

is ruining you with my makeup because your shoulders hold my chin and your face my kisses

is sharing anything and everything with you first

is finally understanding love songs, and clasping lyrics to your tongue because they mean something to you. 90s r&b suddenly becomes a part of me again

is drunk kisses on the ttc

is sticking onto words like honey that dribbles from your mouth and i just want to lick you off

is trying to memorize your cuticles and how your hands look next to mine

is the subtle pulls at your facial hair that i notice with intention

is when i unfurl my clasp to you to only make it tighter, to expel of my weakness, and garner strength

is when you capture my every emotion and make photo album of film photos with me

i love you, always