My man and I have been taking more film pics and they really are extraordinary. I've been buying albums at the dollar store and storing 1-2 roll's worth of images in the albums. They're kind of pricey-- About 10 dollars per roll, or 15 dollars for a disposable camera, and $12.99 to get them developed (without tax). I bought my film camera from Value Village for $5. These images below were from the New Years Party that Nivake co-hosted. It was such a good time and I think the pictures really spoke to that! They are raw images that cannot be tampered with, and give a very approachable vibe. The images looked really looked vintage and captured the setting we were in incredibly well. There is something nostalgic about film pictures, and I truly don't think I can ever let this go. We started getting into it because I left 3 disposable cameras at my 23rd birthday and the pictures turned out so fantastic. I'll update this with more images from our times out, a Jazz Cartier concert, and me posted up against his luxurious '02 Honda Civic in a skirt in the freezing cold because #fashion. 

Film needs to come back, but I think the creative community is aware of that.