Toronto Pride was hopefulness reasserted into my life. It confirmed the visibility of queer and trans people of color in Toronto. When I was there, Black Lives Matter halted the parade and demanded a string of things that reinforced inclusivity within LGBTQ campaigns. This included the hiring of more Black people as LGBTQ leadership and the reinstatement of the South Asian float. Black Lives Matter was also recognized as honored guests in the parade. There was dancehall and R&B playing rather than the EDM I am accustomed to from the Austin LGBTQ scene. The Orange is the New Black cast was there, and they had their own float! Arguably even more popular, Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister, marched in the parade. He is the first Prime Minister to ever march in the parade and he made my heart wither. I saw quite the bit of nudity, so much love, and so, so much pride. I really do believe queer folks are dents in the universe who have the capacity to love so hard.

I met a gay Tamil man when I was there, and I laughed a lot and cried a lot while stuffing my face with ice cream and sausages from the food carts—all indications that I made some permanent bonds.